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Does your course satisfy the California Architects
Board continuing education requirement?
YES. The content meets the requirements of
SB1608 and the author has more than 20 years
of access law experience.
Are you approved by the California Architects
CAB does not approve or endorse any courses or
course providers. If a provider claims to have
CAB or State approval or endorsement, I would
seriously question their ethics.
• How do I receive credit for the course?
When you complete the course you will be
provided with a link to download the CAB
Coursework Provider Documentation form
containing the course details required by CAB.
May I review a course once I’ve completed it?
Sure! You may revisit a course for up to 30 days
after completion.
• Do I have to complete the course in one sitting?
No. You may exit and re-enter at any time. Our
course software monitors your progress and
knows where you left off. Take as long as you’d
like to complete your course.
• Are credit card transactions secure?
Yes. We use PayPal’s secure system
to process credit card transactions.
We do not see or store your credit
card information. You do not need a
PayPal account to purchase our
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